Many factors affect the amount of time it will take to market your home, as well as, the price you will receive for it. Some of these your realtor can control, while others they cannot. Most importantly, utilize your resources wisely and find the most competent real estate agency to represent you.

Factors realtors can control
Listing Price
The price is the single most important factor in the sale of your home. The best way to ensure the timely sale of your home is to price it competitively with similar homes in your area. Pullini Realty Corp. offers free comparative market analysis to clients who are in the market to sell.

The better you condition your home for marketing, the higher price it will bring, and the faster it should sell.

Marketing Plan
You should list it at a realistic price from the start. If your price is reasonable and presented with a coordinated marketing plan, you'll have a better chance to attracting the right buyer and price.

Factors realtors cannot control
The Competition
If there are a large number of comparable homes for sale in your area, there is more competition for sale in your area. In a supply and demand market like real estate, this creates more of a challenge.

Location and Interest Rate
Location and the economy will also affect the success of marketing your home.

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